Tuesday, August 16, 2016

10 Gorgeous Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas

As one of the most well-traveled living spaces in any home, it’s important to get the style and design of your living room right. There is, of course, a lot to think about in terms of creating the correct look. Naturally, you’ll spend a lot of time obsessing over finding the right furniture pieces and arranging them in a manner that creates the vibe that you want. Moving on from there, you’ll also spend plenty of time thinking about various décor items, as well as things like area rugs and throw pillows.

Given that we tend to think of what’s “on the ground” – so to speak – in living room design, we almost always forget something that’s equally important: what’s up above. The ceiling that you select or design for your living room will go a long way toward determining the overall style and feel of the space. High or low, ornate or simple, the ceiling in many ways determines the beat to which all other design elements in the living room space will dance to.

Below, we’ve collected 10 gorgeous living room ceiling ideas for you to look at. From box ceiling to stamped tin and other possibilities, you should find plenty of inspiration here for selecting a ceiling solution that will give you the living room that you’ve always dreamed of having. Let’s take a look…

1. Two Tones

By continuing the two-tone grey and white theme of the walls onto the ceiling, this living room design achieves an elegant balance.

2. Reflection

The reflective panels on the ceiling of those gorgeous white living room add more dimension to the space and increase the drama.

3. Luxurious Craftsman

The Craftsman styling of this gorgeous living room is given a luxurious tinge thanks to the crown molding used in the squares of the ceiling.

4. Another Idea

This living room also adopts a Craftsman vibe. The tin ceiling, though, adds a more classic vibe to the space.

5. Box

The deeper box ceiling of this living room has a dramatic feel that really complements the minimalism of the space quite well.

6. Wainscoting

Wainscoting isn’t just for your walls! Check out how it imparts a lovely beach-like vibe to this beautiful and spacious living room.

7. Just Beaming

What more can be said about the grand beams over this living room other than that they’re absolutely gorgeous?

8. Full Mirror

If you’re looking to increase the sense of space in your living room design, then a fully mirrored ceiling can definitely accomplish that!

9. Custom Molding

There’s a lot one can do with custom molding for ceilings; check out how this simple pattern adds an air of luxury to the space.

10. Farmhouse Feel

If you’re looking to add a farmhouse feel to your living room design, then you might consider using reclaimed wood planks for your ceiling. Beams further accentuate the look.