Monday, August 8, 2016

10 Stylish Master Bedrooms With Carpet

While hardwood floors may be all the rage these days, there are plenty of homes that still make use of wall-to-wall carpeting. What’s more is that this wall-to-wall carpeting can be especially attractive, and it can actually be preferable to hardwood floors in some areas of the home. One area in particular that can become much more comfortable and cozier with carpet is the master bedroom.

No one wants to wake up in the morning and put their feet on cold floors. That’s why carpeting in the bedroom can be ideal. But, if you’re making use of carpet in your master bedroom, you may have to employ some different design ideas there than you are in other areas of your home. If you’re worried that carpeted floors in your master bedroom mean that you have to make more generic design choices, then think again.

On this list, you’re going to find 10 stunning examples of stylish design for master bedrooms with carpet. Some of these design ideas are ornate and complex, and others make use of very little in order to make these carpeted master bedrooms come alive. So, come check out these stunning designs, and see if you can find inspiration for your master bedroom with carpet!

1. Geometric

With a carpet featuring a geometric pattern that spreads outwards, this contemporary bedroom is full of style.

2. Smart

A smart color scheme, with green and beige, is all this carpeted bedrooms needs to create a sense of style.

3. Simple

Incredibly simple furniture choices allows the space of this bedroom to really speak for itself.

4. Accent

The accent wall behind the bed is all this carpeted bedrooms needs to come alive with style and flair.

5. Intimate

The dark color palate of this stylish carpeted bedroom creates an intimate space for catching some Z’s.

6. Snuggle

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in that canopy bed, which forms the focal point of this stylish carpeted bedroom?

7. Brown

The dark browns and muted colors of this stylish bedroom are perfect for a carpeted environment.

8. Contemporary

Even contemporary furniture pieces can find themselves right at home on a carpeted bedroom floor.

9. Black

Dark colors and a truly stunning built-in headboard are what give this stylish bedroom all of its flair.

10. Bed

For any stylish bedroom, the style of bed that you choose will always be the most important choice that you make.
Source: homeepiphany