Thursday, September 8, 2016

10 DIY Backyard and Patio Lighting Projects

In the warm summer evenings, most of us like to spend quality time with family or friends in our yards or patios. The fresh air, soothing breeze, campfire, cozy seating area or even an outdoor bar will let you have a pleasant summer night. If you’re still looking for something to boost your outdoor space, creating your own outdoor lighting would be brilliant. Outdoor lighting is an amazing way to transform your yard or patio into a magical space where you can relax with your family. Take a look at below cases; You will get some ideas and willing to begin your plans. Enjoy!

1. Place four wooden posts in four buckets filled with cement, and then hang some clear bulbs.

2. Build a patio bench from wooden pillars and cinder blocks, which comes with cute lighting and planters.

3. Another version you won’t break the bank to install a backyard lighting.

4. Floor lighting around your firepit area would be just amazing.

5. Adorn your backyard tree with string lights and hanging mason jar tea lights.

6. Backyard pergola with string lighting can often be a wonderful place of gathering of family and friends.

7. So cute seating corner has lovely lights and curtains on the outside.

8. Simply build cinder block benches, adding soft cushions on them.

9. Do a backyard makeover for this summer.

10. Go for a cool patio area with texas lamp posts.